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What is a bio-bubble

Lavinia Beach, Sri Lanka
What is a bio-bubble

Visitors to Sri Lanka are required to follow a few simple rules designed to offer the maximum touristic experience with a minimum of risk.

The plan was first tested in a pilot project with tourists in late December of 2020. Its success in containing covid outbreaks among the test group led to a full rollout last week. The simple rules are:

Stay only in approved hotels (Asia Answers has the list)
Visit approved sites at specific times (Asia Answers makes the reservations)
Travel via private transportation (Asia Answers recommends this at all times)
Undergo a mid-trip covid-19 test (Asia Answers will arrange)

For those who wish to stay in Sri Lanka on an extended basis, these rules must only be followed for the first two weeks upon entering Sri Lanka. Thereafter, guests are free to “interact with the local community” and move “to the accommodation of their choice,” according to a safety booklet produced by the country’s Ministry of Tourism.



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