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Top 10 things for Multi generational travelers to do in Thailand

"James Bonds" (Long Tail boats)
Top 10 things for Multi generational travelers to do in Thailand

Touring by tuk-tuk, bathing with elephants, and enjoying good old fashioned beach fun; Thailand is all this plus amazing temples, delicious food and great shopping.  Here are our Top 10 family friendly recommendations… 

1/ Tour Bangkok by tuk-tuk. Now, we’re not encouraging tuk-tuk races, but we all know friendly competition and families go hand in hand.   

2/ In Chiang Mai the saying ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’, applies to elephants as well. Spend a day at an elephant spa, where guests and ellies bathe in the river and help each other scrub that hard to reach spot.

3/ Islands are playgrounds for young and not so young alike, and Thailand has no shortage of them – 1430 of them in fact. Asia Answers can find the perfect one for your clients.

4/ Pouty, bored teens along? No problem; just the mention of the Full Moon beach party in Koh Phangan will put that smile back on their face.

5/ Family travel can create tension. A group beach massage will leave everyone smiling, relaxed and best buds again.

6/ The family that hikes together…gets to eat a second helping of mango sticky rice. Asia Answers recommend heading to the highlands of Chiang Rai where there are trails ranging from gentle to challenging. The reward? Encountering a hill tribe.

7/ James Bond to the rescue. In Thailand, a ride on a “James Bond” - a long tail boat – is a cure for jet lag and will have everyone gathering to watch The Man With the Golden Gun after dinner.

8/ The Hanuman World Zipline Adventure in Phuket is a three-hour experience where youngsters and parents alike can soar through the trees and see breathtaking views.

9/ If Grandma sat out the Zipline, she might enjoy the private family cooking lesson where there is a job for everyone, and, at the end of the lesson, a delicious meal. Food fights optional.

10/ Thailand is full of art and inspires artists and artisans. Take a paper umbrella making workshop in Chiang Mai and watch Uncle Dave tap into his latent creativity.



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