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Regional Recipe - Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice
Regional Recipe - Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice was not originally the centerpiece of collegiate parties, but has a storied history that dates back long before it hit the fraternity circuit. American soldiers stationed in the South Pacific during WWII were prohibited from importing liquor, so they began distilling their own alcohol.

The punch made its way to the United States, and was often made with any old bottom shelf liquor and powdered punch mix.  Here, however, is a simple formula that is summery, easy-drinking… and very boozy.

4 parts clear spirit (vodka, tequila or white rum)
2.5 parts fruit liqueur such as orange, strawberry or apricot
3 parts dry white or sparkling wine
4 parts fruit juice
1.5 parts citrusy soft drink such as lemonade, limeade or tang
Sliced fruit, to garnish

• Pour all of the ingredients into a large punch bowl, spouted beverage dispenser or giant plastic tub.
• Stir to combine.
• Add two trays of ice cubes or a large block of ice to the mix.
• Garnish with the sliced fruit of your choice.




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