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Plastic water bottles

Plastic bottle pollution
Plastic water bottles

With good reason, international travelers avoid drinking tap water, but plastic bottles are a major environmental problem. Globally, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute.  91% of all plastic bottles are not recycled.  What simple action can you take to reduce plastic, and urge others to do the same?

Take a drinking flask. A flask also makes a responsible bon voyage gift.  Tuck a note inside asking the traveler to do this small thing to reduce the number of plastic bottles they use as they travel.  Most hotels and lodges in Asia and Africa have electric kettles in the room. To make your own potable water, fill the kettle from the tap, boil then allow to cool slightly, then boil again. Fill your reusable flasks.  If there is no kettle in the room, visit the kitchen and ask for boiled water; kitchens usually have a large kettle constantly on a low boil.



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