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Nan, Thailand

Rice Plantation in Nan
Nan, Thailand

The province of Nan, Thailand is home to seven – yes seven - national parks.  In a country abundant in natural beauty, that is impressive. Nan might not have been on your bucket list before, but, perhaps it should be.

On the border of Laos, surrounded by spectacular, misty mountains, Nan is festooned with ancient Tai Lue temples, verdant teak forests and abundant waterfalls. What Nan has to offer is just what we need now; a place with open spaces and fresh mountain air. 

Nan’s progressive government is dedicated to preserving Nan’s identity as a charming, low density region, where tourism is conducted on a small scale to preserve its authenticity and protect its natural assets and indigenous communities.  The people of Nan’s hill tribes follow their traditional lifestyle, weaving and farming to make a living. 

For many years, Nan was known to foreigners primarily for white-water rafting and hiking. More recently, visitors have come for the culture and to know the Thailand of old. 



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