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Mt Fuji climb, Japan

Mt Fuji sunrise at the summit
Mt Fuji climb, Japan

Cherry blossoms, golden temples and bullet trains are much photographed icons of Japan. Another icon, Mt Fuji, offers a literal ‘boots on the ground’ experience that also comes with huge bragging rights. Don’t speak Japanese? Here is why communication isn’t an issue; a third of all Mt Fuji climbers are foreigners, which underscores just how popular this trek is. Bilingual guides are available on request.

At 12,388’ high, this perfectly conical volcano is not only a rewarding climb for anyone in reasonably good shape, but it is also a pilgrimage.  Mt Fuji is considered one of Japan’s three sacred mountains and has been pilgrimage site for centuries.  The views, and climbing through the early morning hours along with hikers from across the world will never be forgotten.

Early July to mid September is the official climbing season when the trails and mountain facilities are open. During this period the mountain is usually free of snow, the weather is relatively mild, access by public transportation is easy, and the mountain huts are operating.



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