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Macanese - the best cuisine you’ve (probably) never tasted

Macanese - the best cuisine you’ve (probably) never tasted

Macao used to be a Portuguese colony. Fortunately, when they vacated, they left behind a culinary influence that is as strong now as it was back in the day. This exquisite marriage of Portuguese and Cantonese flavors is heading east aboard a convoy of fun Food Trucks. Find out if your city is hosting them?   

Taking place in San Francisco from May 30 - June 3, 2019, this educational and fun Food Truck event will allow consumers the opportunity to try a taste of Macao, both literally and figuratively. Macao Food Trucks will be serving up delicious samples of savory pork chop buns and sweet egg tarts to people across The Golden Gate City, highlighting Macao’s sumptuous culinary offerings as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, its rich history, and unique culture. After winning two prestigious awards for previous events in Los Angeles and New York, this year’s rendition will be even larger and better than ever before, and is expected to serve approximately 1,000 people each day.

Below are some locations:
• Fisherman’s Wharf
• SOMA StrEAT Food Park
• Union Square
• Google HQ
• Lombard Street
• Stanford University
• Chinatown
• Golden Gate Bridge
For additional locations and more information:




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