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Low density travel in Asia

Naoshima gourd
Low density travel in Asia

While many Asian cities are densely populated, easily accessible rural areas are made to order for crowd avoidance.  Asia Answers has solutions in all of our destinations, here are just a few of our favorites, and they are superb places that we would recommend to anybody at any time. 

Nan & Phrae, Thailand   Thailand is the most visited country in all of S.E. Asia. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket are popular. Part of their charm is the energy and extensive tourist infrastructure that well-frequented destinations develop.  There are however, peaceful places in Thailand, perfectly suited to our times. The provinces of Nan and Phrae, located about 3 hours drive from Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, are known for their natural beauty, particularly in their forest parks, and their unique cultures. Nan’s ethic groups are another highlight and differ significantly from those in other northern provinces. Phrae’s walking street market takes place every Saturday evening, and is a must-do; a perfect place to have dinner and try different local dishes.

Setouchi Inland Sea, Japan  Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto constitute the traditional Golden Route of Japan; stepping off this beaten path is not only easy, but extremely rewarding. An emerging destination, Setouchi is rich in scenery, culture and regional cuisine. Most importantly, it is not over-touristed. The jewels in the crown are the art islands, with Naoshima being the most widely recognized. Accommodation on the island is very limited and must be booked well in advance. Staying on the mainland and ferrying over for the day is possible. Towns such as Kurashiki, Himeji and Bizen are in the vicinity and accessible by private vehicle or public transport.

Additionally, there are many hiking routes, some part of the famous 88-Temple pilgrimage.

Cycling Japan’s most beautiful route, the Shimanami Kaido for a day or two is another fresh-air experience in this wonderful region. 

Beautiful Isle, Taiwan Taiwan was known for centuries as Ilha Formosa (Beautiful Isle) because of its towering sea cliffs, marble-sided gorges, tropical forests and beaches. This abundance of natural beauty, great food and an efficient tourist infrastructure, combine to make Taiwan the complete tourism package.  Here are Taiwan’s most beloved natural and cultural destinations…

Taroko Gorge is an amazingly narrow river gorge, 12 miles long, flanked on each side by soaring marble walls hundreds of feet high.  Waterfalls cascade down the cliffs, enormous ferns wave in the breeze – you’ll feel that you have stepped into a Chinese scroll painting.  Cycling, hiking and hot springs are popular activities.

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s largest body of fresh water…but swimming is only allowed one day a year. The annual Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival is a 1.5 mile cross lake race held each September.  The other 364 days, nothing mars the calm, emerald surface of the lake. Temples and pavilions dot the 20 mile shore. A cable car ride offers a birds eye view of this stunningly beautiful setting.

Tainan was once the capital and is now Taiwan’s center of religious celebration. A city of ancient monuments, specifically temples, Tainan sees many gods worshipped, many festivals and many rituals observed.  Anping is the center of culture in Tainan, and a visitor could spend days exploring the Chihkan, Dong-an Fang, Five Canals and Confucius Temple cultural zones.




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