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Indigo dyeing in Phrae

Indigo dyeing in Phrae
Indigo dyeing in Phrae

Phrae, in Northern Thailand, is the center of indigo dyeing, a 5,000-year-old art which creates textiles that are not only stunningly gorgeous, but which are kind to the Earth. Indigo, once prized in the royal courts of Europe, also happens to be a vital component of the contemporary world’s most popular item of clothing…  blue jeans!

Yes, those comfy, wear anyplace, dress down or dress up wardrobe staples were originally dyed in natural indigo. Today, synthetic indigo is used for denim production, but natural indigo has undergone a revival due to textile artisans who prize the intense and unique color that cannot be man-made.

In the province of Phrae, the indigofera plant is grown, it’s leaves processed into a powder which is shipped all over the world.  Visitors to Phrae can see the fields of indigofera, watch the complex process by which the dye is made, and try their hand at creating a textile work of art under the guidance of a master craftsperson.  As with many participatory experiences, a benefit is a new appreciation for the technical skill, artistry and dedication required to become proficient. Indigo might not have been on your radar before your trip to Phrae, but it certainly will be afterward. 



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