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Darye - Korean tea ceremony

Korean tea ceremony
Darye - Korean tea ceremony

The Korean Tea Ceremony or darye is a traditional form of tea ceremony practiced in Korea.

Darye literally refers to “etiquette for tea” or “tea rite” and has been kept among Korean people for over a thousand years. The chief element of the Korean tea ceremony is the ease and naturalness of enjoying tea within an easy formal setting.

Tea ceremonies in Korea are a way to find relaxation and harmony in the fast-paced new Korean culture, and to continue the long tradition of intangible Korean art.

There are 10 main components to the Korean tea ceremony set: teacups, teapot, cooling bowl, large bowl, coaster, tea scoop, tea towel, tea mat, tea container, and lid holder.

Visitors to Seoul can experience a traditional Korean tea ceremony at Bukchon Hanok Village. Ask your Asia Answers destination specialist about including this quintessential experience into your itinerary.



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