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Beyond Phuket and Samui

Beyond Phuket and Samui

For those who already have been to Phuket and Samui, or those who want to strike out and find their own paradise, here are some options to consider… 

Four Seasons Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai  Far from a beach vacation, the Four Seasons Golden Triangle offers the adventure of a lifetime in the natural surroundings of northern Thailand, bordering Burma and Laos. Interact with rescued elephants, explore spectacular mountain trails or bamboo jungles and unwind in luxury tents. Let the 19th-century explorer’s spirit in you come to life – while enjoying Four Seasons’ signature hospitality and all-inclusive experiences.

Krabi, on southern Thailand’s west coast, is a province characterized by craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and more than a hundred offshore islands. Some of its most popular beach destinations include the Phi Phi Islands, which jut from the sea like giant rainforested boulders, and Railay Beach, accessible only by boat.

Koh Lanta is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, located just off the coast of Krabi. Its long coastline has nearly a dozen beaches, some considered the finest in the country, and each one with its own charm and atmosphere. Mu Ko Lanta National Park spans several islands, including the southern end of the largest island Ko Lanta Yai, home to semi-nomadic sea people known as the Chao Leh. The park contains the Khao Mai Kaew cave network and Khlong Chak Waterfall. The tourist season in Ko Lanta runs from October through April.

Koh Kood, also spelled Koh Kut is the easternmost island in Thailand and has lately become increasingly popular among independent travelers. This mountainous island has a lot to offer those who put in the effort to get here. Many refer to the beaches of Koh Kood Island as being some of the best in Thailand. With clear blue water and soft white sand, they’re often compared to the beaches you find in the Maldives. In addition to its stunning beaches, Koh Kood has jungle-clad hills, waterfalls, and rivers surrounded by mangroves.



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