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When it comes to Asia, honeymooners are spoiled for choice.  Idyllic beaches, luxury hotels and private dining in locations ranging from poolside to treetop are easily arranged in South East Asia. Let’s take a look at some recommendations less traveled (at least by honeymooners) …

Ryokan stay in Japan
A stay at a Japanese Inn (ryokan) in a hot springs resort in Japan checks all the boxes for romance, especially as experiences can be done on a private basis. By booking a room with an open air bath, and requesting that breakfast and even the multicourse kaiseki dinner be served in their room, a besotted couple who only have eyes for each other can let the world fade away. When they finally emerge, they’ll fall in love again, this time with Japan.

Sri Lanka
After 25 years of civil war, Sri Lanka is peaceful and is ready to share its rich culture, historic attractions, verdant rainforests, abundant wildlife, rolling tea plantations and tropical beaches. Wildlife loving couples will go on safari to see elephants and leopards, surfing couples will catch waves on one of Sri Lanka’s gorgeous beaches, and couples interested in history will delight in such UNESCO World Heritage sites as the fort city of Galle, a former colonial trading post, filled with architectural beauty, heritage houses and stylish boutiques.

With a wise policy against over-tourism, Bhutan has ensured that visitors to the country experience its wonders in peace and quiet.  Small, intimate accommodation such as Aman Resorts and local guesthouses ooze romance, and privately guided touring allows a honeymooning couple to set their own pace.




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