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5 Things Travel Advisors Should Be Proud Of

5 Things Travel Advisors Should Be Proud Of

Every travel advisor has been asked: “You’re a travel agent? I didn’t know there were any left!”. Here are a few things to be especially proud of, especially in our current environment. 

1/  Your fees are unbelievably low compared to your consultant peers in other professions. Case in point, the kitchen designer. In Bellevue, where Asia and Africa Answers is headquartered, a kitchen designer charges $120 - $150 per hour, and requires a minimum of 20 hours for a design project.  By comparison, many travel advisors either don’t charge a fee, or charge just enough to make sure that people aren’t ‘showrooming’.  The suppliers you work with pay you a commission on what your client chooses – did you hear that cabinet, counter and appliance people?

2/  Your outgoing voice mail message never directs guests to your website for immediate assistance.  Travel advisors don’t expect guests to fix their own problems as online agencies do. Instead, you respond personally as soon as you are able, just knowing that someone is helping is a huge relief to anxious guests.

3/  It’s a 24/7 job   When clients need your help, they need it now, even if that means waking you up, or taking you away from a family event. You don’t make clients wait until 9am on Monday if they are in trouble at 3am on Saturday.   

4/ Sometimes you are more of a friend or a therapist Calming people who are anxious, unwell or frustrated comes with the territory. Listening to rants does, too.

5/ You genuinely want people to have the vacation of their lives Referring back to point #1, you aren’t in this profession for the money, or the discounts (which have pretty much disappeared, right?). You do it because you love travel and want all of your guests to love their trips, too.



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