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Korean Cuisine Primer

Royal Cuisine, Korea
Korean Cuisine Primer
Most people know that kimchee is Korean, made of fermented cabbage and rich in probiotics. But what might come as a surprise is how delicious Korean cuisine is, and how it is taking off all over the world. Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables, and meats. Traditional Korean meals are noted for the number of side dishes, called banchan, that accompany a bowl of steam-cooked short-grain rice.  Kimchi is almost always served at every meal. Ingredients and dishes vary by…

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Darye - Korean tea ceremony

Korean tea ceremony
Darye - Korean tea ceremony
The Korean Tea Ceremony or darye is a traditional form of tea ceremony practiced in Korea. Darye literally refers to “etiquette for tea” or “tea rite” and has been kept among Korean people for over a thousand years. The chief element of the Korean tea ceremony is the ease and naturalness of enjoying tea within an easy formal setting. Tea ceremonies in Korea are a way to find relaxation and harmony in the fast-paced new Korean culture, and to continue the long…

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